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Sympa BP - Employment details

Sympa Feature

Manage your employment and organisational data with Sympa, check out how!


Employment and organisational data (1 page) 
  1. Managing employment and organisational data
  • Adding new employees 
  • Employment and contract details 
  • Job titles 
  • FTE calculation (Based on working hours) 
  • Collective agreements (optional) 
  • Your organisation structure 
  • Cost centre allocation (optional) 
  1. Approval workflow for employment and organisational data (optional)
  2. Automated email notifications based on contract dates: (optional)
  • First day of employment 
  • End of probation 
  • End of fixed-term contract 
  • End of employment 
  1. Long-term leaves with FTE calculation (optional)
  2. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  3. Other additional fields (5) for employment or organisational details (optional)
  4. Edit or view access for HR and manager. View or no access for employee
  5. Up to 4 ready-made reports: (optional)
  • Employment and compensation in XXXX year 
  • Headcount per organisation level (current) 
  • New hires in XXXX year
  • Leavers XXXX year

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