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RPA: Well-being support alerts

Sympa Feature

Get the system to alert automatically if absences are over defined threshold limits

Monthly charge

64 EUR



Note. The monthly fee shall be invoiced on an annual basis in advance (12 months’ fees). All prices exclude VAT. Prices on Sympa Marketplace are displayed in euros. Calculations in other currencies are approximates, which might not correspond with the final invoiced amount.


Start using Sympa's automated recovery support alerts for when absence limits have been exceeded.

Sympa can help you manage a thorough recovery support process, including absence limits which you can keep track of in the system. If you have the recovery support process implemented in your Sympa, you can deploy automatic email notifications to be sent when the absence limits are exceeded.

Note. This product contains monthly recurring fee. 

Pre conditions

The requirements for implementing the alerts in Sympa are: The Recovery support process is implemented in your system, which means: Absences are entered (or transferred via an integration) to your Sympa Recovery support calculations are in place The recovery support process is completed in the system The recovery support discussions are planned and scheduled according to your company guideline The action plan is entered and tracked in the system When the discussion is completed, the recovery support calculations are cleared


You can define line manager, one email address or an email list as a recipient. If you prefer to send the notification to several recipients, please fill another order in this case.

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