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  • Track mandatory training requirements
  • Monitor advancement levels


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Continous Professional Development and Solicitor's Advancement (Legal industry)


Track solicitor training hours, monitor employee advancement, and plan for growth.


Continuing professional development 
Encourage your employees' to complete the mandatory training requirements with Sympa. This feature enables each solicitor to log training activities and accurately track completed hours for compliance with annual or multi-year mandates. With features that automatically transfer additional hours to the next period and allow adjustments, such as credit transfers from previous employment, Sympa ensures that every training effort is accurately recorded.

Solicitor's advancement
Monitor the advancement levels of employees and plan for future growth while providing an easy overview of an employee’s current and future statuses.

Depending on your company's workflow, you can choose to add the validation periods for all advancement levels at the beginning of an employee's lifecycle, or you can choose to add validation periods for upcoming advancement levels. Both options support your organisational projections for the coming years, thereby simplifying planning and scaling.

The organisation can report on employees at different levels and make projections for future organisational setups, provided the information is completed in advance.


This feature is available for customers in Sympa Scale and Lead plan. As well as for customers without a Plan.

Track mandatory training requirements

Monitor advancement levels

Legal industry




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