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  • A modern, visual way to illustrate key HR data
  • Always available, always up-to-date
  • Communicate the impact of HR decisions across the organization
  • Create own views for management, business areas, locations, countries, etc.
  • Easy to use - no tech or BI skills required


  • Reporting & Analytics


  • Dear Lucy


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Sympa Dashboard


Real-time, visual overview of key Sympa data. See the number of employees by location, track absences by business unit, or monitor employee turnover by country. For top management, HR team and managers.


The Sympa Dashboard visualizes key Sympa data so you always know what’s going on, and can easily communicate progress across the organisation. Automatically keep track of absences, employment costs, and other key data across business areas, locations, or countries - regardless of where you are. Flexible & user friendly The dashboards can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. The dashboards work on any device so you can:

  • use them on a big screen as meeting material in team meetings and management team meetings
  • use as a day-to-day tool on your laptop
  • access easily "on-the-go" on your mobile phone or a tablet
  • display selected metrics on info screens at the office

Sympa Dashboards provide you with

  • Ready-to-use dashboards with the most popular metrics from Sympa
  • Unlimited number of dashboard users
  • Unlimited number of dashboard views
  • A selection of data filtering options e.g. location, business unit, country, etc.
  • Ability add goals for your key metrics and monitor progress against goals
  • A data-secure, GDPR compliant solution
  • Easy implementation and onboarding by Dear Lucy's Customer Success Team

Hit the 'Get in touch' button to hear more about the solution and schedule a demo session or click here to explore a live demo. Note. This product contains monthly recurring fee. Pricing and other terms concerning the use of 3rd party applications (inc. integrations) are exclusively defined in the terms and conditions of such 3rd party service providers.

Pre conditions

  • Sympa subscription
  • API’s to Dear Lucy (built by Sympa upon confirmation of the order)
  • The contract period of Dear Lucy is a continuous period of 12 months.
  • The invoicing period is 12 months, and the SaaS fee is invoiced yearly in advance.


Sympa Dashboards include a selection of pre-defined metrics.

Possible custom metrics to be agreed upon separately (availability depending on the Sympa set-up).


Instantly available after Dear Lucy and Sympa have been connected.


HR reporting

HR analytics



Dear Lucy