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  • With Priima, the implementing, allocating and monitoring of training and education is effective and easy.
  • Priima scales to any type of need.
  • Enable personal learning paths in Priima and allow your employees to gain more competencies and skills.
  • Priima has a built-in course editor and great tools - creating online courses is easy and fun with endless options.
  • Priima offers versatile tools for reporting and monitoring.


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Priima LMS - Digital Learning Solution


Implement, follow and manage the competence development process in practise with versatile learning paths and training.


Digital learning solution makes the development and management process of competencies powerful. The implementing, allocating and monitoring of training and education is effective and easy with Priima. Training can be multiform meaning that they can contain for example instructed and independent online learning, face-to-face training, webinars or micro-learning. Learning entities can be single courses or wider learning paths.

It’s possible to allocate training and learning paths with the help of user data in Priima. User data can be imported for example from an integrated HR system. Different kinds of competency development processes can be implemented with Priima in a versatile way. With personal learning paths, employee’s development and advancement of competencies and skills are supported by taking his or her starting point and goals as well as organisation’s goals into consideration.

Priima has a built-in course editor that makes it easy and fast to produce content to courses. It’s also possible to utilize existing content in Priima. With the help of course templates, creating new courses is faster than before. Also, the monitoring of progress is taken into consideration in everything.

Both the employee as well as for example the manager or HR specialist can easily monitor the progress of the learning process. Furthermore, Priima offers versatile opportunities for reporting.

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Note. This product contains monthly recurring revenue item.

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This solution includes both PriimaUsers API and PriimaResultsAPI. See 'Related products' section for further information.