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  • Monitor valid competencies and expired completions in Priima.
  • Transfer data smoothly from Priima to an HR system and vice versa. This solution includes PriimaUsers API and PriimaResultsAPI.
  • Set an expiration date to certifications and make it easier for the employee to renew that certification with the help of Priima.
  • Priima enables the usage of strong identification making the identification of users extremely reliable and effective.
  • Integrate online meeting tools with Priima to support training and even the monitoring of tests


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Priima LMS - Certifications


Follow your team goals and achievements easily with our digital learning solution.


A lot of work tasks require certain competencies that need to be shown and verified regularly. Employees’ required development of competencies and often also verification can be fulfilled conveniently with the help of Priima. For example code of conduct, GDPR and work safety training often include the need for renewing after a certain time. It’s easy to monitor valid competencies and expired completions in Priima and data can be transferred for example to an HR system with the help of integration.

Training can include versatile content depending on the need, for example face-to-face training, online training, webinars, reports or assignments related to one’s own job and a test. It’s possible to set an expiration date for the certification meaning that the training has to be renewed after a certain period of time. Expiration can be automated in Priima, which gives the users a possibility to renew the certification at a certain time as well as notify the user of this.

Strong identification can be used to identify the user in Priima, which makes the verification of the user’s identity effective. Online meeting tools can be integrated to Priima to support both training and the monitoring of tests.

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Note. This product contains monthly recurring revenue item.

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This solution includes both PriimaUsers API and PriimaResultsAPI. See 'Related products' section for further information.