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Flexwin Integration


Get the data flowing between Sympa and Flexwin

Monthly charge

Organisation size

One-time fee

3024 EUR



Note. The monthly fee shall be invoiced on an annual basis in advance (12 months’ fees). All prices exclude VAT. Prices on Sympa Marketplace are displayed in euros. Calculations in other currencies are approximates, which might not correspond with the final invoiced amount.


Sympa offers the required data of employee basic and employment information in configurable Sympa REST API endpoint(s) or file based output(s) for the integrated system or 3rd party solution to integrate to the Time/Workforce Management (WFM) system.

Note. This product contains monthly recurring revenue item. Invoiced annually in advance from go-live date.

Pre conditions

The transferred data and datafields are in Sympa.Customer agrees with the 3rd party about the integration implementation.All integration implementations require participation from the customer and integrated system provider or a 3rd party.


The price/s exclude any possible 3rd party costs.Possible Sympa configuration work (excluding API configuration) is not included in the implementation fee.If needed, additional Sympa modifications and data mass imports are done with a separate work estimate.


Typically, the implementation time is 2-4 work days.

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