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  • An Anonymous reporting channel that complies with regulation
  • Enable and protect dialogue to solve cases
  • Notifications, built-in case management and investigations
  • Include code-of-conduct, HR and compliance reporting to a single channel
  • Use the same Falcony platform for involving employees for all kinds of reporting


  • Wellbeing at work


  • Falcony


  • Global


Falcony Whistleblowing


Falcony Whistleblowing helps your organisation to comply with the regulations, elevate early-warning compliance and HR reporting, solve cases and protect the people who are ready to take action.


Falcony Whistleblowing is an anonymous reporting channel that complies with regulation. The EU Whistleblowing Directive requires companies with more than 50 employees and municipalities of more than 10 000 inhabitants to set up anonymous reporting channels for whistleblowing.

From the whistleblower perspective case specific credentials are automatically created so that follow-up questions can be asked to help the investigation without compromising the identity of the whistleblower. The dialogue is secured and the data is stored in a secured manner within the EU in accordance with the GDPR.

New cases and information will notify the predefined investigators via email. The built-in case management view will help monitoring both individual cases and the bigger picture. If there are multiple reports that link to a single case, these can be linked with each other.

Link the whistleblower channel easily to your website and your internal systems like intranet or Sympa, but don’t leave it there. Make sure it’s linked to other relevant reporting channels and your risk register. In the end, they are warning signals for much more severe risks.

Pre conditions

EU regulation defines that companies with more than 50 employees must setup an anonymous reporting channel.


The basic package includes three investigating users and one reporting link. In case customer needs more investigators and/or more links (e.g. for other business units or daughter companies), extra charges may apply.


From 1 day to 1 week

Risk assessments


incident reporting

audits and inspections

health and safety

occupational safety

Risk management