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  • audit trails and certificates


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Datafisher LMS - Learning Path for smooth Induction


With Datafisher LMS you are able to invite your new or existing employees to go through their required Induction. You can have several different types of contents that you can mix, you get a report of completion of each of them.


Datafisher LMS is for companies and organizations who are driven by execution and strive for an agile organization culture. Our learning management system is flexible, easy to use and cost efficient for any type of need or customization. Engage all levels of your organization with our LMS, reaching both blue- and white-collar personnel, without forgetting the managers. When you want to get things done and would rather focus in creating great content than spending time and money in e-learning management, Datafisher LMS is for you!

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Note. This product contains monthly recurring revenue item.

Pre conditions

You have to have your own content. Datafisher provides the platform for delivery and follow-up together with audit-trail & reporting. The package includes SSO/AD, Rest API connection to HR database, branding.


This price is for induction use. The platform can be used for a lot more with a separate price and setup, depending on the number of active users.Sympa configuration work (e.g. API configuration) is not included in the implementation fee.


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