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Automated Data Change Export

Sympa Feature

Automated Export On Data Changes

Monthly charge

86 EUR



Note. The monthly fee shall be invoiced on an annual basis in advance (12 months’ fees). All prices exclude VAT. Prices on Sympa Marketplace are displayed in euros. Calculations in other currencies are approximates, which might not correspond with the final invoiced amount.


Want to see a complete overview of all the new data and data changes that have happened in Sympa recently? Then look no further! The Data Change Export compiles all of this data and sends it securely to you, thereby saving time and eliminating errors. Whether you use it for creating this month’s salaries or updating your identity management system, we’ve got you covered, ensuring your data stays current wherever it’s needed.

This export comes in handy when a fully automated connection is not feasible, or you just prefer to have a watchful human eye review the changes first.

Pre conditions

The needed data for the reports is stored in Sympa


This product is not an integration between Sympa and a 3rd party system. The Data Change Export transfers changed data as CSV reports from Sympa to an SFTP server once per day. CSV reports can be easily opened for example in MS Excel.

Automated report

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