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ADP iHCM (UK) Connector


Automated data flow between Sympa and ADP iHCM (UK). Payroll integration brings great value to your organisation by making sure the compensation process is smooth. Timely and accurate payments form the foundation of trust in the employer. Our ADP iHCM connector makes setting up the integration reliable and straight-forward.

Monthly charge

Organisation size

One-time fee

2106 EUR



Note. The monthly fee shall be invoiced on an annual basis in advance (12 months’ fees). All prices exclude VAT. Prices on Sympa Marketplace are displayed in euros. Calculations in other currencies are approximates, which might not correspond with the final invoiced amount.


ADP iHCM Connector is a packaged Sympa integration to ADP iHCM payroll system in the UK.

Transferred data:

  • Employee template master file (incl. employee, employment, organisation, salaries, cost centre)
  • Rates template (incl. salary details)
  • Earnings template (incl. salary details)
  • Deductions template (optional, incl. deductions)
  • Labour allocations template (optional, incl. cost centres split)

Note. This product contains monthly recurring revenue item. Invoiced annually in advance from go-live date. 

Pre conditions

The customer is responsible for contacting the third-party system vendor and agreeing on implementation and possible pricing.Sympa takes care of the Connector implementation in customer’s Sympa environment. The customer is responsible for supporting both Sympa and the third party in the specification and testing phase.


This integration is compatible with the United Kingdom variation of ADP iHCM.

Implementation according to Sympa ADP iHCM Connector specification. Any possible additional Sympa configuration work (excluding integration configuration) such as structural changes may incur additional work that is billable by the hour.The Time and Attendance not included in the connector. Upload to ADP iHCM not included. Once the integration is set up, the necessary data from Sympa gets periodically uploaded to an STFP server, from where it can be fetched for upload.