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In the survey, we mapped out the changes that took place in HR processes and tasks during the first year of the Sympa HR system’s implementation. The survey was conducted by interviewing HR, supervisors, and the management, and the results were astonishing – we hope you find them interesting too.


Make your HR system implementation a success

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The key HR trends in the Nordics 2018

We compiled a comprehensive analysis of the current state of HR in the Nordics 2018, including key trends and pain points. Read more about our findings in this blog post.

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Three essential things HR managers should know about workforce analytics

What is workforce analytics and how can it be used to find insights about your people and business? Discover by reading our blog post.

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A seven-step guide to getting started with workforce analytics

Workforce analytics is a tool that organisations are increasingly taking an interest in. To help you get started with it, I have outlined a simple seven-step guide.

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