Smoother HR processes and more effective HR development

Sympa HR helped restaurant, brewery and drinks importation company, Momentin Group, speed up and streamline its HR processes and gain a comprehensive overview of its HR management. Momentin chose the system because it wanted its core personnel management processes to be more fluent and efficient. Sympa HR helped Momentin achieve these goals.

"Sympa HR is a secure, reliable and intuitive system that makes it easy to build reports and keep accurate staff information on one deck."

What is Momentin’s Sympa HR system used for?

Momentin uses Sympa HR to manage HR information for all its people, such as personal details, pay, holiday and absences. The system has also been used proactively to track and organise career development and manage recruitment. Sympa HR also gathers information about staff training days and makes it easy for taxEDU reports to be run smoothly.


An HR system that adapts to user’s needs

“Sympa HR offers us a variety of reporting options, and the flexibility to tailor the system to meet our individual needs. As a master user, I have a wide range of choices as to how I can customize the system. Support from Sympa’s professionals is always just around the corner whenever I need it” says Mari Liikka, Momentin Group’s HR Lead.


Sympa HR changes and grows with it’s users

Sympa HR has been working with Momentin Group since 2013 to ensure it has the HR system it needs. “Sympa has built up connections to both external payroll and jubilee design systems over the years. These development projects have led us to trust and rely on our Sympa HR system more and more, and in return it helps to keep us moving forward. We are delighted with the results,” says Liikka.

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