Minddistrict is a fast-growing e-health organisation that is currently market leader in its sector in the Netherlands. Within ten years of its establishment, Minddistrict is not only used in the Netherlands, but also in Germany and the United Kingdom. The company is currently also actively seeking to branch out towards North America. After looking for a suitable replacement for the previously used HR system, Minddistrict decided that Sympa HR would be the right solution. Sympa HR is now efficiently used in the entire organisation.

Before the decision was made that Sympa would provide the new HR system, another solution was used in order to help organise the core HR tasks. Minddistrict realised they would needed a solution that would be easy to use and that would have a real focus on HR to support their small and flat organisation. Minddistrict started to look for an HR solution that would not only provide the desired tools, but that would altogether support the simplification of all of the HR processes by offering a higher degree of user-friendliness.

In addition to the ease of use of the system, the decision to purchase Sympa HR was based on the fact that many of the integrations and configurations – in a company that employs many software engineers – can be executed independently. Additionally, Sympa offers exactly the right reporting tools that the organisation had long been searching for. It is now easier than ever to create overviews of simple things like absences and holidays.

“It was pleasant to work together with Sympa's project managers, communicating with them was smooth and easy.”

As an explanation to the question how Nathalie Faber, HR manager at Minddistrict, experienced the implementation process, she shares: “The time that our company had reserved for the implementation was fairly tight, but the process itself progressed very smoothly. It was pleasant to work together with Sympa´s project managers, given their experience and expertise. On top of that, they were very friendly and easy to communicate with. 

In the end, the project has both contributed to the simplification of Minddistrict´s HR processes, and has – because of the international focus of Sympa HR – laid a foundation for the growth plans of the organisation.  Nathalie Faber adds: “Sympa HR is not only very easy to use, it has also made it much simpler for us to define user rights. HR will always retain control of all information, but can easily make it possible for Management to view important information without the need to first grant modification rights.

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