Smart HR dashboards for smart companies

Make better decisions and act proactively

Illustrate the impact of HR decisions

Save hours of working time


Showing the impact of your HR initiatives has never been easier.

With the Sympa HR Dashboard, you always have your key people data ready at hand in pre-built dashboards.

When ordering the dashboard, you get:

  • Over 25 different HR metrics
  • Ready-made dashboards that have been pre-built for three different purposes and user groups: the Management team, the HR team, and a general dashboard that is suitable for company-wide info screens
  • Multiple customisation options – modify the dashboards to suit your exact needs

Have your key HR data always at hand, and comparable. Order now, and start benefiting right away!



Sympa HR Dashboard Pricing

Would you like to try it out yourself? To help you get started and familiar with the dashboard, we have a special campaign price for our customers: get the Sympa HR dashboard now for just €49,- a month for ten people within your company.

€49,- / 10 USERS / MONTH

Sympa HR

Live follow-up of key HR metrics in combination with KPIs from the entire company make it easy to recognise successes and challenges.

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