Let’s get started!

This is where your Sympa HR implementation project starts. We are looking forward to seeing you make this implementation project a successful one together with us! Before the definition workshops we recommend you to spend sufficient time on discussing the essential topics for the project and to set your targets. This way we can make sure that the implementation project progresses smoothly and according to the schedule.

Good planning is the halfway to success!

We have put together an implementation starting package for you. It consists of instructions to prepare for the kick-off meeting and six tasks or sets of tasks (A1. – A6.), which should be completed before the kick-off meeting.

All topics include reflection and preparation tasks for your project team and some sections include documents that need to be filled in by you. You can go through the topics in your own preferred order. In the preparation phase you may want to include several other people in your project group.



Sympa HR on desktop

Additionally we have drawn up a second set of preparation tasks, which should be completed during the project as well. We recommend you to start with these tasks before the kick off meeting. You will find the tasks on the bottom of the page. (Tasks B1. ->)

Completing and returning the tasks

Comments and documents related to different topics should be returned to Freedcamp. The instructions for Freedcamp can be found here. Via Freedcamp you can easily contact project manager and other experts, who will be ready to help you with questions related to the starting package whenever necessary.


Red happy laptop iconTasks that you need to complete and return are marked with this icon.

Familiarise yourself with the following topics before the kick off meeting