We have made the implementation of Sympa HR as easy as possible for you, so only a few technical specifications are necessary. However, there are several details that need to be agreed upon. In order to familiarise yourself with the most important technical features, please download and read the Sympa HR service description.

IP restriction

Extra security for your already highly secure solution can be provided by IP restrictions. Using IP restrictions limits the locations from which you can sign into Sympa HR to a specified network, where you must already be before being able to sign into the system. This limitation does not affect the use of mobile applications.

Default emails

From Sympa HR you can send several different email notifications or information related to approval processes. The default email address for outgoing automated emails is [email protected] This address can be changed into the address that you would like to use, for example: [email protected].

A6.1 Will you be using IP restrictions? Please add the desired IP addresses to Freedcamp.

A6.2 Will the default email address in the system be changed to the address of your organisation? Please add the desired email address to Freedcamp.

Sympa HR service description