Sympa HR is adjusted to fit your organisational structure and terminology. Familiar looking selection fields are easier and more comfortable to use. This way you can ensure that information in your system is more accurate.

Sympa HR contains several selection fields, which guide the users to choose the correct, reportable information. Carefully made selection fields play a key role in integrations, in which information is transferred to other systems either as such or in a coded manner.

We have listed the most essential selection fields in the system regarding the most relevant topics; organisation, employment information, salary and absences. The document can be downloaded via the link on the bottom of the page.

Sympa charts page  open on laptop in the office

Sympa HR open on laptop

Fields are tailored to fit the terminology that is used in your organisation. Additionaly, for all the values that are found in the payroll system, a matching value can be found in Sympa HR. The value format doesn’t have to be the same, as we can move the coded data according to the manner the third party system demands, for example as a numeric code such as salary type.

The Sympa Best Practices site can be of help in regard to the value fields.


Red happy laptop iconB6. Create the first version of the value fields related to your Sympa HR solution and add the data that will have to be transferred to the attached file. The value fields can still be fine-tuned during the implementation process before we bring them to your Sympa HR environment. The import is made once during the implementation project. 

Use the attached excel file to list the selection fields and return it to Freedcamp.