With the Sympa HR layout options you can easily match the look of your system to the look of your company. We strongly believe that your personal system should look amazing!

Logo and background

Instructions for the background

  • Size: max 1 MB.
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 – 1440 x 900.
  • The most commonly used file formats are accepted (for example png, gif and jpg).
  • The background image will automatically be scaled to the screen size.
  • It is possible to define a background colour for the system. This is used in situations when the background image cannot be scaled to properly fit the screen.


Decorative branch with berries

Sympa logo

Instructions for the logo 

  • Size: max 100 KB.
  • Resolution: width max. 200 pixels and height max. 150 pixels.
  • The logo will be displayed in the top left corner of the System and on the login page, provided that SSO is not in use.
  • The most commonly used file formats are accepted (for example png, gif and jpg).

Choose a theme

In addition to the background image or background colour you can select a theme for the system. This can be either stylish grey…

Sympa HR contact information

Sympa HR contact information page

…or modern colourful.

Layout of recruitment and surveys

If recruitment and employee surveys are part of your Sympa HR solution, the layout of application and respons forms can also be matched to the look of  your company.

Female in red shirt talking to colleague

Open application page


  • Logo – centered or left/right.
  • Fonts– CSS Web Safe -fonts.
  • Colours – RGB- or HEX-values.
  • Banner on the upper edge – width approx. 1000 pixels and height approx. 300 pixels.
  • Logo and banner – If you would like to logo to be at a specific place on the banner, it would be good to include it in the banner image.
  • Background image or background colour.

The logo, background image and/or banner should be as large and sharp as possible (preferable .jpg or .png).

Red happy laptop iconB2.1 Upload the logo and the background image to Freedcamp.

B2.2 Choose a theme: either stylish grey or modern colourful, and add your decision to Freedcamp. 

B2.3 If necessary, upload recruitment/survey data and files to Freedcamp. 


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