Suggested internal roles

Project Manager

  • Is responsible for the progress of the project from the side of the customer.

System Administrator

  • Has permissions for all the data in the system and is able to edit the structures and the contents of the system. The system administrator can also define permissions. A system administrator requires training.

HR Users

  • Possess extensive permissions regarding the information about others.

Sympa HR messenger

  • Spreads the message of the upcoming HR system and the possible resulting process changes – and their benefits – to the end-users.

Testing Coordinator

  • Is responsible for coordinating the approval testing and assembling the testing group.

Third party Coordinator (in case of integrations)

  • Is responsible for the involvement of the third party in the project and for ensuring that the agreed time schedule is followed.


  • Is responsible for ensuring that the processes and acceptance definitions that are implemented in the system are compatible with the customer´s working environment.


  • Is responsible for defining the user groups and permissions in the system during and after the project.

Please note that it is possible for one person to have more than one role, and that it is normal that members of the project group will continue in various types of responsibilities, also after the project.


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