System Owner

  • The System owner owns the solutions implemented in the system as a whole, and is responsible for coordinating their development.

Key users

  • Key users are users who will be using the system as a tool on a daily basis and who function as internal support persons for the processes implemented in the system.

Training coordinator

  • The training coordinator is responsible for organising and coordinating training sessions related to system roll-out.

Process owners

  • Process owners own and are responsible for the processes that are built in the system and for changes regarding these.

User instructions responsible

  • The user instructions responsible is responsible for creating the possible end-user instructions

 Communications responsible

  • The communications responsible is fully responsible for the communication around the acquisition of the system in the customer┬┤s organisation.

Reporting responsible

  • The reporting responsible is responsible for making sure that the reporting needs of the organisation will be taken into account during and after the implementation project.

Please note that it is possible for one person to have more than one role, and that it is normal that members of the project group will continue in various types of responsibilities, also after the project.


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