A5. HR Analytics and Reporting

Insightful analysis is always reflected onto a relevant and clear report. The Sympa HR system enables the real-time reporting of all HR data. Automatic sharing and spreading of repeated basic reports is very simple and easy.

All data within Sympa HR can be used for reporting, and if needed, can be transferred to an Excel file in order to further process it.

It is possible to flexibly combine different types of data into the reports, for which almost all information from your system can be used to define the report.

Each user has the right to report any data to which he/she possesses at least viewing rights. The system administrator can also share frequently used reports, for example with managers.

It would be a good idea to already start listing the reporting requirements at the beginning of the implementation project. This way you can make sure that you are able to produce the necessary reports for your Sympa HR solution.

If you so wish, the comprehensive reporting possibilities of the Sympa HR system can be supplemented with the Sympa HR Dashboard, which shows the most important personnel indicators in real-time, on any device.

With a quick glance at the Dashboard, you will be able to see the HR situation of your company, the direction of your business and whether your goals are attainable at the current pace. The Sympa HR Dashboard is an HRM tool that can be used to support strategic decision making.

Read more and order the Sympa HR Dashboard if it is not included to your Sympa HR solution yet!

Use our Best Practices site to familiarise yourself with the reporting options: HR Analytics and Reporting


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A5.1 Which types of HR reports have you used?

A5.2 Which of these are related to information stored in the Sympa HR system?

A5.3 Please provide Sympa with some example reports, preferably with a description of the purpose of use. Upload the report examples to Freedcamp.


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