Real-time reporting in Sympa HR keeps you up-to-date when it comes to changes in the employment information. Sometimes it can be useful to receive notifications by email as well. 

Reminders for managers and for HR

The standard functionalities of Sympa HR include email notifications that are date-dependent. Benefit from notifications that remind managers or HR about upcoming tasks in different stages of the employment cycle.

Before the start of the employment, managers can be reminded about ordering the necessary equipment. A message regarding the ending of fixed-term employment contracts as well as the ending of the trail period will ensure that the most important topics in the agreement, as well as in the discussion at the end of the trial period are taken care of. At the end of the employment relationship, it may also be good to remind the HR of organizing the exit interview.

An email notification can also be attached to approval requests. Read more!

Birthday, employment anniversary and early intervention reminders

In addition to date-dependent notifications it is also possible to use the results of various calculations for sending notifications. This way the manager will receive reminders about upcoming milestones, such as a 50th birthday or a ten year work anniversary.

When the absence limit of the early intervention model is exceeded, you are able to start the proces by using email reminders. 

If these options are not yet part of your own Sympa HR solution, feel free to ask more information from your Sympa HR contact person!

B7. Consider which type of email notifications would ease the manager´s and HR representative´s work. 

We have created an Excel file that can be used for your own notification planning. This file should be saved in Freedcamp upon finalisation.