During the kick-off meeting for the project we will put together a plan for the introduction of your Sympa HR solution. A mutual preparation will ensure the best possible start of the project. A project plan will be made based on the preparations, and will be constructed after the kick-off meeting.


During the kick-off meeting we will go through the content of the project and the implementation process. Based on this planning we will prepare a project plan and create a schedule for the specification and implementation, ie the “workshop”.

There will be certain people responsible for the project plan and the progress made, ie representatives of the project and/or steering group. Sympa will appoint a project manager to the project.

  • Getting to know the project team
  • Introduction of Sympa
  • Introduction of your organisation and the background of the project
  • Introduction of the Sympa HR system
  • Implementation project
    • The contents of your Sympa HR solution
    • Integrations
    • Contents and schedule for the workshops

Before the kick-off meeting

  • On this page we have listed the tasks related to the preparation of the kick-off meeting
    • The first tasks you will find on this page
    • Tasks A1-A6 you will find on the starting page
    • In addition to these we have listed preparation tasks regarding a number of other topics, which will be gone through at the beginning of the project, or if possible, before the start of the project. (Tasks B1-B8)
  • Sympa draws up the first version of the project plan based on the agreement and on your preparations
  • At the beginning of the kick-off meeting 
    • Sympa establishes your Sympa HR environment with test credentials
    • You will receive login credentials by email for the Freedcamp environment for managing the project (Read more)
    • You will also receive credentials that can be used to log into our support portal

Prepare for the kick-off meeting as follows

  • Be prepared to briefly introduce your company and its background to the project team.
  • Provide Sympa with an up-to-date organisational structure of your company, which includes the upcoming Sympa HR functionalities. 
  • Describe to Sympa the possible future organisational changes, that could affect the organisational structure regarding the system. 
  • Think about the most important goals for the use of Sympa HR. 


Continue by completing the other tasks in the Starting package.


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