A1. – A4. and A10. – A11. Kick-off meeting

During the project kick-off meeting we will construct a plan for the implementation of your Sympa HR system. A mutual preparation will ensure the best possible start of the project. A project plan will be made based on the preparations, and will be constructed after the kick-off meeting.


During the kick-off meeting we will go through the content of the project and the implementation process. As a result of the planning, we will prepare a project plan and create a timetable for the specification and implementation, ie the “workshop”.

There will be certain people responsible for the project plan and the progress made, ie representatives of the project and/or steering group. From Sympa there will be a project manager in place.

  • Getting to know the project team
  • Introduction of Sympa
  • Introduction of your organisation and the background of the project
  • Introduction of the Sympa HR system
  • Implementation project
    • The contents of your Sympa HR solution
    • Integrations
    • Contents and schedule for the workshops

Preparation for the kick-off meeting

  • Below we have listed the tasks related to the preparation of the kick-off meeting
  • A number of other topics are described on this webpage as well, which will be gone through at the beginning of the project, or if possible, before the start of the project
  • Sympa draws up the first version of the project plan according to the agreement and your preparations
  • Sympa establishes your Sympa HR environment with test credentials and the Freedcamp project management environment.  You will also receive credentials that can be used to log into our support portal

A1. Be prepared to briefly introduce your company and backgrouds to the HR-system project. 

A2. Provide Sympa with an up-to-date organisational structure of your company, which includes upcoming Sympa HR functionalities. 

A3. Describe to Sympa the possible future organisational changes, that could affect for example the organisational structure of the system. 

A4. Consider which are your most important objectives for starting the use of Sympa HR. 

A5. Describe to Sympa what your reporting needs are. Read more

A6. List the user groups and their specific user requirements. Read more

A7. Name the project team and the steering group. Read more

A8. Go through the agreed integrations. What is the data flow within the integration? Contact the suppliers of the systems that are to be integrated. Read more

A9. Familiarise yourself with the workshop model and think about a preliminary time schedule for the project. Read more

A10. Will there be IP limitations in your usage? 

  • With the help of IP limitations, it will for example be possible to log into Sympa HR only from the client´s internal network.  

A11. Will the system´s default email address be changed into that of your own organisation? 


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