The timetable for the implementation project should be based on the available resources, the way the organisation works and Sympa’s implementation model. Schedules of third party solution providers also affect the overall schedule of the project.

Implementation steps

Implementation cycle

Workshop model

Preparing for the workshop

  • The customer will go through the best practise solution in the areas that have been agreed upon earlier, and will assess the compatibility to their own processes
  • The customer will provide Sympa with comments and possible change requests
  • When possible, Sympa will execute the changes in the system based on the received requests

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  • Agree on the topics of the previous workshops
  • Define and build the content of these topics
  • Present the topics for the next workshop

After the workshop

  • Sympa finishes the system definitions (provided that there was no time to handle these during the workshop)
  • Update the task list in Freedcamp
  • The customer will test, comment and agree on the implemented solution

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Things to note in the project schedule

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  • The project group participating in the workshop should not be too big. However,  all the experts on that specific topic should be present. This will enable that things proceed according to the schedule and that decisions can be made easily.
  •  The schedule of third party system providers affects the overall schedule of the project.
  • For larger projects, a phased implementation and launch should be considered, either divided by topic or by country. This will make the most important components of the system available earlier on and will simplify change management.

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Red happy laptop iconA5.1  When would you like the system to go live

A5.2 How does the schedule of the project group fit the planning? Make sure to notify Sympa about everything that could potentially affect the schedule, such as holiday planning or organisational changes. 

A5.3  What do the schedules of third party solution providers look like? 

A5.4 Familiarise yourself with the Sympa HR implementation description, which you can download from the link below.

Sympa HR implementation description