A. Get to know the project management tool Freedcamp

A successful project requires good planning and organised communications. Sympa´s project manager keeps a handle on things in close cooperation with you. In order to follow the project and communicate about it we use Freedcamp.

We use the project management tool Freedcamp in the following situations:

  • Sharing tasks and following the status
  • Approving tasks and content areas
  • Managing project based documents
  • Discussing about topics during the project
  • Following the project

Summarise everything in one view

We recommend the use of the Home view. There you will be able to see all the assigned tasks and their deadlines. You will be directed to the Home view by pressing the icon displaying a house in the top bar.

In the Home view you will also be able to see other things that have taken place earlier, such as for example discussions. Sympa´s project manager will see to it that you are always assigned tasks for which you are expected to provide answers or comments within a specified deadline.

Returning tasks and taking part in discussions

When opening the task, you will find all the related instructions and uploaded documents.

Please make sure to actively take part in the discussions by adding comments and deciding who will be sent a reminder for the task. In messages you can refer to a certain person by using the @-symbol (@jenni).

You are also able to add updated documents to the task by yourself.


Login credentials for Freedcamp

You will receive an invitation to sign up to Freedcamp by email. Your email address will function as your user name. Set up a password for yourself by signing up via: https://freedcamp.com/register

You will be able to log in later on via: freedcamp.com/login


Stay updated by using notifications

If you so wish, you can change the notification settings by using the following instructions:

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner to open the menu.
  2. Choose My Account.
  3. Choose Notification Settings.
  4. By using the Recap email function you can set the frequency of receiving email messages about your due dates either daily, weekly or per task.
  5. From the menu Project settings you can change the notification settings per project.  We recommend you to use the Default setting.
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