B1. Best practices

Sympa has thought of the best possible solutions for you, all based on the experience of hundreds of Sympa HR implementations. Well prepared solutions make it as easy as possible for you to start using Sympa HR.

On our Best Practices site it is shown how Sympa HR can help with developing the HR processes in different stages of the employment cycle.

We have chosen to feature the best solutions for the most favoured processes on the website.

You can log into the Sympa Best Practices site by navigating to the following address:


The updated password for the website is: Best8912Sympa
(This password is valid until the end of September 2018.)

B1.1 Get familiarised with the best practices of the processes included in your project by using this page. Based on this we will build your Sympa HR solution. If necessary, check the processes from our agreement.

B1.2 Evaluate how your own processes fit into Sympa´s Best Practices.

B1.3 Please also write down ideas and development wishes, which you will be able to realise after the admin user training either by yourself, or in cooperation with Sympa. 

We regularly add new best practices to the website. The quickest way to receive information is by email, you can follow new articles and comments under this page in the Sympa support portal.  

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