B5. Approvals and substitution

Utilise managerial and HR approvals in different processes. Also make sure to implement the approval substitution function, so that the processes can continue even in the case of long absences and holidays.

The approval function can be linked to any process of your choice, such as the processes for managing absences and performance reviews. The approval function works in the same way for all people in the processes in question, but the different settings for the approval process can be utilised in several processes based on their needs.

Approvals can be handled either on the front page of Sympa HR, or in the Sympa HR for managers mobile application. Reminders for approvals can also be sent by email.

Typically, the person making approvals is a manager, the manager’s manager, or a combination of the two. For some processes, the person making the approvals can be HR or for example a managing director.

Approvals are often used in integrations as well, so that only approved data will be transferred in the integration.

For longer absences it is a good idea to define a substitution to handle the most critical approval processes, so that for example salary payments will not be compromised while the manager or HR representative is absent. The system´s admin user can bypass anything in the approval chain if desired.

B5.1 Check out an example of the absence approval process on the Best Practice page.

B5.2  Think about which processes the approvals could be used in.

B5.3 Will the person making the approvals be a manager, the manager´s manager, or someone else, for example from HR? 

B5.4 Will the email notification of the approval status (either approved or declined), be sent to the next approver, to the person requesting the approval or to the employee whose data has been edited? 

B5.5 For which processes will you be needing a substitution for making approvals during absences? 

Utilise the Excel template to divide the roles and return it to Freedcamp.

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