Training: System Administration

Contents of the training

During this full day training (7h) you will gain an understanding of the capabilities and structure of the system. The training focuses on topics beyond the personnel and organisation information. We practice how to add and change things such as pages, tables and fields; approvals; reminders; data removal rules and translations. We will also take a look at user rights. Please note that you’ll be able to order new admin accounts by filling in the order form on the support portal or by sending an email our Support.


Candidate experience

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Training: System Administration

What to expect

During the training you’ll learn how to maintain and develop Sympa HR to fit your needs. The training will give you a better understanding of the possibilities Sympa HR offers, as well as how to utilise and expand your system. At the end of the training you will take a small test in which you can apply the learnings from the class. At the same time you will be given your own admin user account.

Training: System Administration

Price and terms

Price of the training: €490,- (excluding VAT) including training materials. In case of cancellation at least 10 days before the training takes place, no fee will be charged. In case of cancellation within 10 days of the training taking place, 50% of the price of the training will be charged.

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Join the training

This training is currently only offered via online webinar. Before you enrol, please make sure that you have basic knowledge of Sympa HR. This knowledge can be acquired during an implementation project, by taking part in the Basics of Sympa HR -training or through usage of Sympa HR.