Innosta brings Sympa SaaS-Model HR Software to Swiss Market



Innosta provides a modern solution for both, standard needs as well as complex implementation projects. The agile HR world is switching to SaaS with its greater flexibility and significantly lower upfront investment and ongoing costs, as well as solutions offering mobile and dashboard functions with improved reporting capabilities.

The new Swiss software venture provides an opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to enjoy the same HR savings as their larger competitors.

“In the past there were extensive barriers to small and medium Swiss enterprises getting access to great HR solutions,” says Annette Lehmann, Innosta’s CEO. “But now we can offer low upfront costs, flexible contracts and quick implementations typically taking just a month. With a simple business case where savings far outstrip outgoings, many Swiss companies will be able to improve their HR performance.”

“We have 400 customers internationally, many of them large companies,” says Sympa’s CEO Keijo Karjalainen. “So were a great fit for big businesses but also for small and medium sized companies (SMEs). With Sympa HR every enterprise now has the opportunity to make significant improvements and optimise HR functions.”

Independent research commissioned by Sympa from consultants CapGemini and Talentree suggests a medium sized firm could save almost 400 staff-days and €75,000 every year through automating routine work in human resources processes. According to the survey freeing HR executives from spending time on mundane tasks typically adds 6.8 % to overall productivity while optimising staff turnover.

Additional information
Annette Lehmann
Innosta AG (Switzerland)
Hirschmattstrasse 36
CH-6003 Luzern
+41 41 227 00 10
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About Innosta
As a Swiss company based in Lucerne Innosta implements integrated HR processes in one software package. Insiders quickly realize, that Innosta is the partner company of the established LEHMANN+PARTNER Informatik, which is a guarantee for successful IT/HR Projects of large Swiss companies since many years.
With Innosta now SME customers can benefit from the experience and success of the highly trained teams. The heads behind Innosta, are the Swiss industry’s recognized experts in IT and HR management. The declared aim of Innosta is to use existing knowhow from numerous major projects and implement Sympa HR in a slim project with transparent prices and low setup costs in SMEs HR departments. For more information please visit and
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