Introduce your entire organisation to modern HR tools

HR dashboard on desktop and mobile


Get everyone on board

HR, team leaders and employees alike save time when there’s a single location for all things HR. That’s why an HR system needs to offer relevant tools for everyone in the organisation. With Sympa HR, the whole organisation can easily keep track of the HR processes and HR data and see the information that is relevant to them.


Empower employees and team leaders

There’s no need for HR to act as an intermediary for everyday information. Sympa HR gives employees instant access to their own data and visibility of their development. Team leaders get full insight into their team’s status, happiness and absences, as well as the opportunity to track their team member’s skills and development.

Sympa HR with Scrive and Docusingn

Analytics and reporting


Give HR visibility in the board room

Introduce your executives to data-driven HR management and help them make better strategic decisions regarding your people. Sympa HR’s comprehensive HR data and reporting tools make it easy to present your case with convincing data and visualisations of your people data.

Step up your HR analytics game

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