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How to do strategically intelligent HRM?

We’re organising a joint webinar with our partner StatBun where Jani Mård from StatBun shows how intelligent HRM is based on relevant and reliable data and metrics. Through combining HR and financial data you gain new, advanced metrics to support HR management. Data combined from diverse sources helps you evaluate the state of HR as well as the need and effectiveness of different HR interventions. What is the gross margin produced per employee and what does it tell about the company’s performance? How do changes in the employee wellbeing index impact revenue and cash flow?

The discussion is led by Jaakko Mattila from Sympa.



This webinar is useful to anyone who is interested in combining and comparing KPIs that are most crucial to HR, and utilising reliable data for improved decision-making and management.


Wednesday 24th November 14.00-14.30 (EEST)

How does StatBun HR analytics supports successfull HR management?

How does StatBun HR analytics supports successfull HR management?

The lack of relevant data and metrics often impede data-based HR management. In this webinar, you'll learn how StatBun HR analytics supports successful HR management and connects it closely to the business also on a strategic level. You get tips on how the diverse metrics and statistical data in StatBun enable the comparison of different KPIs, for example, within an industry or by job title. You will also hear how benchmarking improves your understanding of the state of your HR and helps you set targets.

Here are some of the things Jani Mård, Head of Data Management at StatBun, will touch upon:

✔️ What is StatBun and how to benefit from StatBun HR analytics?
✔️ What kind of KPIs does the combination of HR and financial data enable?
✔️ How does benchmarking serve successfull HR management?

Jani Mård - Statbun

Jani Mård

Jani Mård, Head of Data Management at StatBun, is responsible for software integrations and the usability of data brought through them. Jani has vast experience in business analytics, management, software architecture and artificial intelligence.

StatBun is a Business Intelligence platform that combines easy-to-use management tools and a partner and service network to enable intelligent business management. In StatBun you have tools for strategy, planning, monitoring, analysing and forecasting. At StatBun’s marketplace, you can find also software programmes and business services suited to your needs, as well as comprehensive self-service solutions. StatBun is a collaborative and easy-to-use platform that scales to your needs and enables smarter, better performing business.

Jaakko Mattila

Jaakko Mattila, Service Solutions Director at Sympa, is responsible for Sympa’s service business and productised customer solutions.

Jaakko Mattila - Sympa