Sympa TALK Online 2020

Sympa TALK 2020 gathered together 900+ HR professionals from all around Europe. Curious to see the whole thing? Check out all our keynotes by clicking below:

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The Centre of Your HR Universe

Sympa HR gives you a clear, aggregated view of all your people data and lets you manage it safely in a single, global solution – from hire to retire. See for yourself and let’s get in touch!

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The Story of Sympa

How did it all start? Our founders Keijo & Taina, brother and sister, share the story behind Sympa, our values, and the drivers of our future growth.

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Being a Sympatico

“A Sympatico is part of the Sympa family.”

See what our Sympaticos say about their experiences at Sympa and being part of something bigger than just work.

Customer Support | Emma & Kalle

Meet two of our wonderful support team members, Kalle and Emma. They’ll share some of their experiences working at Sympa’s support team, as well as some feedback they’ve gotten from our lovely customers.

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Life of a Developer at Sympa

“At Sympa there’s no pressure, everything is a team effort. We succeed and fail as a team.”

Hear what our Sympatico David has to say about working as a Full Stack Developer at Sympa and how everybody has to have fun at work.

Easy and Secure eSignature with Sympa HR

What is eSigning and how does it work? Check out this practical video and see the concrete steps of the eSignature process with Sympa HR.

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Salary Review | Sympa HR

Sympa HR’s Salary Review eliminates the need for making manual salary changes for each employee​. No need for sending excels around anymore​ – see for yourself!

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Integrations | Sympa HR

What do integrations mean in the world of IT? Take a look and find out why integrations aren’t a problem. Instead, they will make your life a whole lot easier.

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Sympa API | How does it work?

Have you ever wondered how API’s work? Well, we’d like to tell you why we consider our own Sympa API so awesome. Take a look!

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Sympa TALK: Stockholm 2019 | Future of HR Leadership

Our annual Sympa TALK Stockholm was held once again in 2019. We wanted to ask our dear guests, what they thought about the changes in HR leadership and its future trends. Check out their answers!

Sympa TALK: Helsinki | HR Megatrends of 2020

We had our yearly Sympa seminar, Sympa TALK, in sunny Helsinki 22.5.2019. While enjoying our full on HR day amongst our customers, we wanted to ask some of our friends, what they thought are the biggest HR trends of 2020.

Future of HR

What do you think about the future of HR?  We invited the leading HR professionals in Finland to discuss the theme and interviewed some of our guests about the topic.

Our upcoming events

Stories from our HR community: Sabis

Sabis’ HR-partner Helene Pellvik and IT project manager Patrick Thörnlund share their story about working with Sympa, why they chose Sympa HR, and how they use the system to support their leaders in matters concerning staff.

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Stories from our HR community: Scania Finland

Merja & Annika from Scania Finland share their thoughts and experiences on Sympa HR, and how the implementation project went.

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Stories from our HR community: Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Hanna Fontana tells us what it’s like to work as Finland’s largest art house’s HR Manager, and how Sympa HR has managed to help the organization’s daily life.

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Sympa HR Dashboard

The Sympa HR Dashboard will deliver your key HR data and metrics to mobile devices, enabling better strategic planning, live follow-up and forecasts, helping to improve performance throughout the organisation.

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The fast growing HR solution provider Sympa

Growth has been created in the company just from the beginning. It is in us Sympa people. We have people, who want to grow and really want to change the world. See how we do it year after year.

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Sympa HR Success Story: Lindex

Björn Mattiasson, HR Advisor of Lindex, tells why they chose Sympa HR to enhance their HR activities. Lindex chose Sympa since it is a flexible and user-friendly software for HR management.

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Sympa HR Success Story: Technopolis Plc

Keith Silverang, CEO of Technopolis, tells why they chose Sympa HR to enhance their HR and business activities. Sympa met all set criterias and on the whole, Sympa HR boosted their operations on all organizational levels.

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Sympa HR – makes your business smile

Sympa HR system combines all HRM and HRD processes including recruitment into a single, logical entity. This system ensures that personnel information is up-to-date at all times and accessible by the appropriate persons.

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