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1000+ HR professional joined us on September 30th for Sympa TALK 2021, our annual international HR event where the focus this year was on The HR Road Ahead. As we travel out of the pandemic, we explored what we can learn from the trends that emerged in 2020 – and discussed how they shape our industry over the next decade. Where will this new HR landscape take us?

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“You should redesign worklife – and your own worklife. Use the moment, seize it, make the change happen.”

The Future of Work, resilience, and sustainable growth in the 2020s

Saku Tuominen, entrepreneur and keynote speaker


“Leaders have a shared responsibility to think about the box in which we place work – is it fit for purpose, or does it need to be redesigned?”

The Changing Nature of Work and the implications for people management

Hertta Vuorenmaa, Research Programme Director, Aalto University


“Collaborative hiring is a win-win – it reduces bias and combats a lack of diversity while simultaneously reducing the HR workload. This leads to a better hiring experience and increased employee retention.”

The latest trends in recruitment

Lodewijk de Stoppelaar, Director of Sales, Recruitee


“A diversity audit is a way for an organisation to hold a mirror up to what you think you are – and what your organisation really is – so it can begin to build a process to address the changes that need to be made.”

Advancing equality through intersectional inclusion

Bayo Callender, Diversity and Inclusion expert, Add Gender


“Very few things are truly black and white. Lack of information creates fear – you never give too much information. People need to hear things are ok.”

A customer story about lessons learned and experiences from the past year

Joanna Clark, HR Director, Lumene



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