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Post-COVID thoughts – a case story from the restaurant industry

Elli Holappa | CEO | Jungle Juice Bar

Elli is passionate about leadership. She shared her thoughts about the past year, explained how Jungle Juice Bar managed the uncertainty that the virus brought to the restaurant industry and explored the possible challenges of a post-COVID world.

Change management at a multinational network of digital agencies

Marte Alvfalk | Head of People & Process | The North Alliance

Marte talked about how we can move beyond traditional HR to develop employee engagement through a holistic approach to strategy, branding and people. Working in all those dimensions at the same time can give even more impetus to growth and transformation.

The Changing Landscape of Nordic HR

Panel discussion | Morten Jakobi | Marte Alvfalk | Björn Lorentzon | Wouter Hofstede

The panel discussed the new role and responsibility of HR, what the target and goal of HR should be in the future, and what skill-sets and competences are needed to succeed. And will HR still be called HR in the future?

How AI is changing the way we do business

Antti Merilehto | Author & speaker

Antti dove into the topic of Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing the way we do business. He focused on analytics, what it means for HR professionals, both now and in the future, and how to lead the way with HR analytics.