Why is Agile Performance Management or Agile Performance Support as we prefer to call it, becoming ever more popular? Because it perfectly fits today’s working world. With speedy short-term projects, the right type of coaching and just-in-time learning, and crowdsourcing to provide the necessary feedback, your organisation should be future-proof.

Why Agile Performance Support and HR Systems Matter

In our fast-paced society, goals are constantly shifting as we need to meet our clients’ changing needs. Long-term projects are cut up into smaller pieces to improve flexibility and speed. An Agile HR System can help in making quick decisions; a single click of a button will offer instant access to valuable information and allows you to stay on top of things, anytime and anywhere.

Competence Monitoring and Competence Management Tools for Agile HR

The Agile HR approach is asking managers to act as coaches rather than as supervisors checking after completed tasks. Coaching is about providing the right type of support where and whenever needed. Therefore, managers should try and create optimum conditions for their teams to let it perform at its best. Competence monitoring and management are crucial elements in coaching and motivating teams. Offering just-in-time learning, such as e-learning, perfectly fits the Agile HR approach. Employees are free to complete specific training at a time and place that is most convenient for them.

Crowdsourcing and Agile Performance Management

Crowdsourcing has emerged as a practical alternative to the more traditional one-on-one feedback. Asking key team members for their opinion is a quick and easy way for managers to stay informed on a project’s progress. They can keep track of the overall process, as crowdsourcing provides valuable 360-degree, or multi source feedback. Using this powerful tool will hugely benefit Agile Performance Management.

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