Season’s greetings from Sympa!

Another holiday season approaches, another year packed full of changes, surprises, celebrations, tough decisions, achievements and lessons is behind us. In many ways, our industry looks very different from the one we belonged to at the start of the year. The role of HR has widened even further, and has moved even closer to the centre of business strategy. But in other ways, the core of what we do remains the same.

We bring people into the centre of business decisions. We build smooth career journeys for people across the world of work. We provide workplace stability in a turbulent world. And throughout the year, I’ve been constantly inspired by the many ways our customers, our team, and our partners have delivered on these values.

A year of new beginnings

We’ve all grown and become more resilient in response to the changes we’ve faced. At Sympa, we started the year as one company with a headcount just north of 100. And, despite the Great Resignation being in full swing, we’ll celebrate the start of 2022 with 177 Sympaticos on-board – before we include the team at our group partners, Recruitee.

We joined forces with Europe’s leading ATS in the spring to help companies find the talent they need to thrive in a restructuring world of work. Their industry-leading collaborative hiring platform has gone from strength to strength as it constantly develops. Thanks to Perry, Pavel, and the Recruitee team for a great first year together!

Working out how we work

Our recruitment success is the result of the amazing work of our People and Culture team. They’ve managed to bring in new colleagues and retain the core of our exceptional team during an ongoing pandemic that demanded very different things from us at different times. 

One of the key factors for making this happen has been the rollout of the Hybrid model of working, which allows individuals to shape the way they work without compromising the support they receive from their employers. We’re all still learning as we go, but early signs are positive. It has also allowed people to come back to the office, and it has been a pleasure to meet colleagues and customers face-to-face when possible!

Time to get down to business

If 2021 was a year spent rebuilding the frameworks that allowed us to work, then 2022 looks to be a year where people are more free to focus on their core tasks. The same is true for Sympa, where I feel we now have the capacity to do more of the right things. For instance, we made our biggest ever technology investments in 2021, with even more hires and investments coming in the new year.

We’ve also expanded to the UK, with other markets planned for later in 2022. We’ve hired our amazing new UK Country Head and are rapidly building our presence on the UK HR scene. It’s a big challenge in a mature market, but we believe we can help many organisations build smoother core HR processes that lead to a better world of work for all. 

We also launched our Sympa Marketplace at the start of the year to help our customers build the HR systems they need to understand and serve their people. Within 10 months, we went from zero to close to 50 partner solutions, with more in the pipeline.

We’re here for you

Our aim is to be the leading provider of HR tech in Europe. To get there, we’re constantly working to provide our customers with the system, services, partners and connectivity they need to do their jobs well. We’re in this for the long-term, and we are extremely thankful for the ongoing support you give us. 

Yes, it’s been an exceptional year. Again. But, as the year draws to a close, let’s remember to enjoy the company of our loved ones, recharge those batteries, and indulge in a little holiday cheer. And we’ll be there for you in 2022 and beyond.

Take care, happy holidays!