In this digital age we should use the endless technological possibilities to our advantage in our daily HR practices.

Today’s software can help HR Managers collect, store and analyse employee data in one central place, freeing up time to spend on strategic planning. Digital tools like social media and listening posts allow HR professionals to interact with employees in real time, and share valuable information.

Using Modern Technology in Strategic Planning

Modern-day technology encourages HR professionals to collect, analyse and work with real time HR data. This valuable information can offer insight in what it is your organisation needs, either right now or later on, and show you how to act upon it. An upcoming project might ask for specific talent, for example; someone with the appropriate knowledge and skills. Smart software – such as an HR system – can tell you if this talent is currently present in your organisation, if existing employees might need extra training or if you should look for skilled personnel outside of your organisation. A practical tool like this provides insight and can assist you in strategic planning.

Listening Posts for Excellent Employee Experience

Going digital also means using smart technology to connect with your employees. Treat them like you would treat customers to manage individual expectations. Listening posts are tools originally used to assess customer experience and identify areas where customer needs are not being met. Why not use these tools to collect employee feedback and develop an excellent employee experience? Listening posts are not about gathering data but let you discover the needs, wants and expectations of your employees and show you how to adjust HR strategies in order to improve employee experience.

Real Time Interaction with Employees via Social Media

Using social media might not be an obvious choice to stay in contact with your workforce, but when used wisely it can be a highly effective tool. It gives HR professionals the opportunity to interact in real time, something Millennials or the iGeneration will be expecting of you. Waiting too long with handing out information or responding to urgent matters, could make talented employees look for jobs elsewhere. So, make sure you stay on top of your game and use smart technology to your advantage.

Do you already make the most of modern technology in your daily HR practice? I would be happy to hear about your organisation’s needs and talk about of smart software! Let me know!