HR Managers have to be versatile in many ways. Mediating between the board and their employees, knowing whats going on inside the organisation and beyond, always improving your skills and encouraging others to do the same. This article continues our discussion on how to be of real value to your CEO and yourself.

Communication is Key

In our globalised society where everything seems within reach, the young workforce steers clear from hierarchical organisations. They are looking for a working environment that is more transparent. HR Managers can advice their CEOs on how to deal with this changing attitude. Their knowledge of the organisation and the market give their stories credibility. Next to sharing this valuable information it is important for CEOs to start speaking the same language as their employees. HR Managers can function as interpreters; communication is key.

Complexity and Strategy

Versatility is an inherent trait of a successful HR Manager. Managing complex situation means maintaining an overview without loosing sight of the details. Having insight information on the workings of an organisation is essential in this job. An HR system will provide relevant details at any given time. It is a useful tool when matching adequate employees with certain jobs. Making sure business strategies are executed well should be prioritised over producing organisational charts and processes.

Change and Development

To keep up with a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to keep developing. Daily operations might take up a lot of time, but taking a step back to plan your next move should be encouraged. CEOs need inspired HR Managers. Increasing knowledge and improving skills can only benefit the organisation. And what works for HR Managers, works for the entire workforce. Competence management is essential in order to stay at the forefront. Make sure your organisation is ready for the future.

How do you manage your strategies and skills? Lets step into a bright future! Do not hesitate to get in touch with Martta Riihimäki and learn more about Sympas versatile and flexible HR system.

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