The world is changing and the workforce – including its mentality – is changing with it. In order to stay on top of things HR Managers should be innovative and flexible.

In a series of articles we discuss how to be B.O.L.D. in HR. This time we focus on Owning the leadership agenda: How to spot and stimulate great leadership?

From the Bottom Up

Our previous article described how to build an irresistible organisation. Always start from the inside out, since the real value of an organisation lies in its people. The world and its workforce are changing. Nowadays leadership is more about adding value to an organisation than it is about promotion. Therefore, HR Managers should start working from the bottom up. Coaching and developing leaders early in their career will make the most committed ambassadors any organisation could wish for.

Flexibility and Innovation

What makes a great leader? Every organisation will answer differently since their demands are not the same. Well-informed HR Managers should be able to spot great leaders from miles away. They should also know how to build development programs that truly reflect their organisations DNA. With the knowledge, information and insights of HR Managers any leadership agenda can be pushed forward. Being an HR Manager asks for flexibility and innovation. Try to always stay one step ahead of the rest.

It is time for HR Managers to act with confidence and be B.O.L.D. We can help you on your mission. Please get in touch with Martta Riihimäki and learn more about Sympas versatile and flexible HR system.

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