Happy holidays and a healthy 2020!

Perhaps it’s the days becoming shorter, or maybe it’s the prospect of Christmas and the New Year, but now that December has arrived it seems like a good time to reflect on the decade we’re waving goodbye to and look to the future.

If there’s one trend that’s been a constant during recent decades, it’s the growing value of employees to their organisations. As working people we’re becoming increasingly skilled at what we do, we’re getting more efficient at it and we’re bringing more and more to the table. As companies recognise that human capital is their critical resource, they’re devoting more time and energy to make sure that it’s properly nurtured and managed. That’s great news for Sympa.

We’re focused on people. That will always be our main priority. Sympa was born out of the idea that it’s possible to do HR better, creating huge benefits for everyone in the workplace. Giving organisations a smoother HR ride is really about making things easier for them so they can focus on improving the quality of their leadership, their decision making and the working lives of their people. So, everyone wins.

Both employees and employers get happier and we get to bring what we offer to more and more organisations and make a difference at the same time. I hope that gives you the same positive feeling it gives me.

Looking around at Sympa today, I realise I have a lot of blessings I can count. Above all I’m grateful for the team that we’ve built. I see it as a huge strength that we’re now spread out across Europe, that we’re from many different backgrounds and cultures and speak different languages. We learn from one another. We broaden each others’ perspectives. There’s a desire to grow and create and to do it together. I know we must be doing something right because the people at Sympa are enjoying what they do and they enjoy spending time with each other, both at work and outside of work.

And it’s working pretty well. Sometimes I think that if we’d been aware fifteen years ago of all the reasons this would be hard to do, we might never have started in the first place. So, in a way, not foreseeing all the obstacles we’ve had to overcome was a gift. We just went for it.

What we have achieved together is absolutely something to be proud of. We’ve spread the Sympa philosophy from Rotterdam to Helsinki. We’ve become the stand-out provider in the Nordics, and we’re well placed to grow even further towards becoming the leading player in Europe. That’s not something we should take for granted, but it’s an achievable goal to aim at and it’s one I’m determined to see us achieve.

My message to you for the coming year is quite simple. Never think you’re not appreciated – you are. Never think you’re not achieving things – you’re moving mountains. Never worry that you’re not making a difference. There are countless people who are in a better place because of what we all do.

But above all carry on having fun, because if you’re enjoying yourself it’s not actually work is it? Which reminds me – another goal for 2020 – more foosball. Now who wants to join me for a game?