Nowadays, most organisations are moving from a hierarchical structure to employee empowerment.

When your employees improve processes and outcomes, it is smart to focus on developing skills, regular check-ins and social recognition. In this context, the term Performance Management sounds slightly outdated. Therefore, we encourage using ‘Performance Support’ instead.

Knowledge is Power in Personnel Development

Previously, ‘power’ has often been used to indicate an organisation’s hierarchical structure. Nowadays, ‘power’ equals the knowledge and skills of an organisation’s employees. HR Managers are focusing more on competence management and personnel development, because this is where the real value of an organisation lies. Through consulting an HR system, managers can easily match employees’ skills to a certain project or detect at which points further development might be needed.

Regular Development Discussions

We have seen that in the Agile HR approach, scheduling annual appraisals simply is not enough to ensure agile personnel development. Continuous development benefits from organising regular check-ins with employees. In Agile HR long-term goals are being cut up into short-term projects. One-on-one talks allow managers to quickly act when things do not go according to plan. Competence monitoring and competence support are becoming increasingly important in order to keep momentum and stimulate overall development.

Social Recognition and Performance Support

Social recognition can be used as a powerful tool in employee performance. Receiving positive feedback from managers, team members and others related to a project, will stimulate employees to put in their best effort. Keep in mind that negative or adjusting feedback can be constructive too, although a certain level of privacy should be taken into account. Agile HR is about creating an open and honest atmosphere. It allows employees to grow – both as individuals and as a team – which will have a positive effect on the entire organisation.


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