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Ensure a smooth layoff process

Let Sympa help during challenging times

We want to help companies by offering a lighter version of our HR solution, meant to support your professional layoff management. Handle everything related to layoffs and their reporting in one easy-to-use solution that enables you to save both costs and time. We want to help you ensure safe, legal, and efficient layoff processes in these times of crisis.

Save money in layoff management

Save 50% on layoff management costs

  • Efficient layoff management results in savings, even in the midst of a crisis
  • A centralised solution for layoffs saves an average of 50% on layoff management costs
  • At the same time, the process can be sped up by about a week compared to traditional, manual processes
  • You’ll be able to react faster: layoffs start right away and savings take effect immediately

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All in one tool

Reporting, notifications and signatures in one digital tool

Data security is crucial right now

Forget those Excels and Words

  • Manage everything related to layoffs in one system with full reporting
  • No Excels, no emails, no printable forms or physical signatures needed
  • Fully digital, one solution – no need for physical presence
  • Layoffs managed according to latest information security and GDPR requirements
  • Layoff periods visible on one, clear timeline

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Smooth layoff management process

In a time of crisis, the right tool offers essential support

  • HR has a full overview of ongoing and planned layoff periods and principles
  • You can add your own links for additional information, such as collective agreements or internal instructions
  • Print and handle all layoff certificates and notices in the same system
  • For certificates, you can choose Sympa’s template or provide your own version
  • With eSign,, you’ll be able to complete a smooth and secure process

Easy online implementation

How do you take it in use?

  • Fast implementation in just a few days – fully online
  • After your order, an experienced Sympa consultant will contact you
  • You will work with a consultant to implement the plan together
  • We’ll guide you through the process to make required specifications
  • We train your HR personnel to use the tool
  • We’ve negotiated a cost-effective eSign package for you with our eSign providers

Customer support specialist on a call

As a restaurant chain, the current pandemic hit us with a big challenge. Sympa has been crucial for mastering our data and helping us manage personnel planning and temporary layoffs.

Tell us how can we help you in these difficult times

We want to ensure you that you are not alone. Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help you with all challenges, current and future.

Sympa supports you in times of change

We want to ensure that you are not alone.
Ask us more about the layoff management tool or get in touch with us and
we'll be glad to help you with all your challenges, both current and in the future.

Extend your Sympa solution

Support in growth and rebuilding

We have been the fastest growing HR system provider in the Nordics since 2005. Once these difficult times start to ease, you can extend the layoff tool to a full Sympa solution at any time and ensure that your organisation is among the first to support business growth and rebuilding. The right HR system lays the foundation for strategic human resource management, truly international HR processes, and effective HR analytics and reporting – all in one solution.



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