Live follow-up of key HR metrics in combination with KPIs from the entire company make it easy to recognise successes and challenges.

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Achieve strategic HR management​ with Sympa HR Dashboard

Get an actionable overview of your company’s most important people analytics with the Sympa HR Dashboard. Give your top management an up-to-date HR data in one, dynamic view.

Enjoy improved strategic planning, live follow-up and better forecasts throughout the organisation and show the impact of HR on an organisational level!

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Support your top management with dynamic HR analytics

Give your key people the most relevant human capital information in one, simplified HR dashboard. Show how HR decisions are affecting the organisation. Drill down to historical data, spot and analyse your HR trends easily.

Share the dashboard with your selected managers (max. 10 users) and give them also editing rights. The Dashboard is integrated with your Sympa HR and we provide the implementation with continuous customer support.

Dashboard that meets your organisation's needs

The Dashboard is highly customisable and built to meet your exact needs. Selected HR metrics can be filtered by any relevant business dimension (e.g. office location). The dashboard layout can also be customised to meet your organisation’s brand.

Choose your 10 most important HR metrics, from our wide set of options, including:

  • Number of personnel
  • new people and leavers
  • Personnel turnover
  • Sick leaves
  • Working hours
  • With a total of 29 options to choose from.

Pricing per number of people in your Sympa HR



Implementation 800€



Implementation 1,200€



Implementation 1,600€



Implementation 2,000€

Take your organisation’s HR management to the next level