Privacy policy

Sympa offers you the Sympa HR for Managers mobile application (the “app”) “as is”, and is not liable for the functionality or availability of the app, or for its fitness for a particular purpose. Sympa grants you the right to use the app in accordance with these terms. Your right to use the app is based on the service agreement between Sympa and your employer pertaining to the Sympa HR personnel management system. Sympa is not liable for any damage that you may incur or that may be caused to you through downloading or using the app, or through an error or deficiency in the app, or for any disruption involving the app, or for any other damage that may be caused by the app. All proprietary and immaterial rights to the app and to the material contained within the app belong to Sympa or to its partners, and you have no right to modify, transfer, or copy the app or any part of it. Sympa is not liable for the immaterial rights of material produced by any third party, nor for their validity or legality, nor for any demands that may in any respect arise in relation to such materials.

The personal data you enter into the app is saved and handled as part of the Sympa HR personnel management system, for the purposes of implementing the functionalities contained in the Sympa HR system. Insofar as your personal data is concerned, your employer is the controller of the data and is responsible for ensuring the legality of all personal data handling. Your personal data has been entrusted to Sympa by your employer and is handled by Sympa on behalf of, and in accordance with the instructions provided by your employer. All questions relating to handling of your personal data must be addressed to your employer.