Registering Sympa HR on mobile

Registering Sympa HR for Managers mobile application

Registration requires that an admin user has done the configuration of the mobile app.

  • Download Sympa HR for Managers application for free from app stores. (System requirements: Android 4.4 or later, iOS 7.0 or later.)
  • After you have downloaded the app, you can register your device by opening the menu from the top right corner of Sympa HR system (under your name). (1)
  • On the registration page, you can create the registration code (2) and enter the code to your mobile device ( 3)
  • After doing the registration, you do not need a separate sign-up. You should keep the login valid so that you will be able to access the application directly by opening the application. If you sign out of the application, you will need to apply for a new registration code from Sympa HR for your next sign-in. In order for your login to be saved on your device, you must have at least a PIN code lock on your screen.

Sympa HR pages on mobile

Using Sympa HR for Managers mobile application

You get to following content on the home screen:

Approval requests

  • The number of approval requests is displayed on the home screen. Touch the heading to move to the approval requests.
  • In the listing, you see which data is waiting for your approval, whose data it is and when the approval request has been created.
  • Touch the approval request you want to see more information (slide the screen to see all the information). Below the information, you see the action buttons: Approve, Decline and Skip (move to the next approval request).

My team

  • In this screen, you can easily check who is present. In the upper part, you see the employees who are absent; yellow status means that the person is on a holiday and red status is used for other absences, like sick leaves.
  • In the listing you can see people who are your direct subordinates.
  • You may open the person`s information by touching his/her name. If a phone number and an e-mail address has been filled in, you can call or send an e-mail, by touching the contact information

Customer support contact information

Send email

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Call us

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In Finnish and English during weekdays 8 am to 6 pm (UTC+2)

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In Swedish during weekdays 9 am to 3 pm (UTC+1)

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