The Sympa application is convenient and simple to use. It’s easy to get started approving requests.

Today’s ‘always-on’ world calls for great mobile tools and information available 24/7.

We want to help your managers stay up-to-date with their teams even when they are on-the-go.

In a perfect world, team leaders and line managers could spend less time on HR data management tasks and more time engaged with their people and their development.

This is why we have built the Sympa HR for Managers application to help managers in their everyday lives .


The Sympa application enables me to approve requests wherever I am and handle tasks whenever it suits me.


Sympa HR on mobile three screens


Sympa HR for Managers features include:

  • Team members’ statuses in one view
  • Check and approve holiday requests from your team
  • Manage and approve absence requests from your team
  • All team members’ contact details up-to-dated
  • … with more features being developed !

To be able to take the application in use, you need to be registered a Sympa HR user.


All pending approvals requiring attention in one clear view on the start screen. No problem!

Let your managers shine

By spending less time on HR data management tasks, your managers will be able to concentrate on value-adding tasks and on developing their teams. In addition, they will be more efficient and the risk of errors from doing routine tasks by hand work is minimised.

Sympa HR for Managers is a mobile app designed for efficient routine HR task handling – such as checking who’s on holiday or approving absence requests – with a few simple taps on their phones. The approvals are safe, and create a digital timestamp in the application.

The results? – Happier people and cost savings!

Would you like to know more?

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