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 Sympa Pulse app

Sympa Pulse is a powerful and responsive tool

It is easy to implement, quick to produce results and perfect for mobile Pulse HR Surveys. The tool offers organisations an easy way to follow the work-related topics your colleagues want to discuss. Listen real-time, create reports and collect fact-based, continuous feedback and support decisions with data.

1. Start a New Company Topic

Sympa Pulse makes starting, sharing, following and commenting on discussions about company-related topics fun and easy. Its powerful analytical tools extract vital information from the chatter.

Keeping tabs of sentiment helps you engage and motivate your people and improve your retention rate. Pulse gives you the tools to gather data and inform your decision making with ready-made, up-to-the-minute reports so you can take action with complete confidence.

Sympa Pulse is a real-time, finger on the pulse of workplace thinking and sentiment that increases organisational transparency.

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Sympa Pulse app

2. Tools to bring out the very best in your teams!

Engaged and inspired people are productive people who enjoy coming to work, even on Mondays!

Sympa Pulse helps your teams focus on what matters most. As your colleagues react, track what they think. Float specific or general topics for discussion and measure sentiment and gather comments quickly.

Give your people purpose and lead them towards goals and results instead of fencing them in with rules. Instead of just asking for feedback, act decisively and make changes.

3. Let your people become superheroes

Create surveys that you can share and fill with anyone in your organisation, simply using mobile devices. Sympa Pulse helps you to follow discussion topics in real-time, create reports and collect fact-based feedback on every important topic.

Importantly Sympa Pulse allows people in your organisation to comment anonymously, because sometimes people don’t want to be the one who tells you what you don’t want to hear – but it’s often what you don’t want to hear that you need to hear the most.

Quick, easy, active engagement means empowered employees, increased productivity and more effective work practices with fewer time-consuming routines.

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It’s so easy to start using Sympa Pulse

All you need is a Microsoft 365 subscription, meaning no costly and time-consuming implementations, so you’ll be ready to go in no time. You can invite anyone, from a select group to your entire organisation to use Pulse. Users just download the app and log in. Anyone can use Sympa Pulse with their personal mobile phone and work email.

Over 200 satisfied organisations are already using Pulse – join them and download the app below!

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