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Sympa started out around people and people will always be our number one priority. During this challenging time it is our goal to continue help companies navigate the rapidly changing times that often require swift and clear actions from HR professionals all across the world.


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Rely on your HR system

Get through it as smoothly as possible 

Build HR processes that allow you to scale your business both up and down. With an HR system, you can ensure that your HR operations run smoothly throughout the change while simultaneously creating a solid foundation for future growth.

By being able to provide actionable insights and recommendations that create tangible business value, HR can also be proactive in seeing new opportunities that help build the future of your organisation.

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HR master data management

A digital blueprint of your organisation

With Sympa, you can gather and store all of your crucial HR data in one secure place that connects seamlessly with your other software.

With a digital blueprint of your organisation –  a living model that changes with every change in the organisation it mirrors – you will never have to worry about making those crucial decisions based on inaccurate data.

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"In times of crisis it is essential that even the most complex HR processes are easy to use and that we can receive support from our systems to smoothly run these processes. Sympa HR as a system has been able to support us in handling also the most difficult human resources processes. Our cooperation with Sympa has been very efficient and all of our needs have been quickly answered, even during times of the COVID-19 pandemic."

Elli Holappa, CEO, Jungle Juice Bar

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Reporting and HR analytics

Instant access to key figures

Digital HR tools will save you a tremendous amount of time, a resource that is sparse when uncertainty is at the corner and quick actions are required from HR

You’ll have instant access to key figures and charts needed in your HR work, be it for supporting organisational growth or downsizing. Head count, personnel turnover, payroll figures – whatever information you need, we got you covered.

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Having real-time information about staff is crucial. Health care organisations like us are dependant on the availability of our people, and there is often no time to lose. Our HR system is thus directly involved in helping our patients by giving them the best care possible.

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