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Let your people shine

Companies triumph when their people are motivated and talented. Sympa HR contains all of the necessary tools and processes required for recruiting and developing talent as well as staying up to date on the skills and motivation of your team or the entire company. Sympa HR also offers a structured approach, which allows you to set goals on personal or team level and ensure that the goals are met through careful monitoring. Always having an executive view of these aspects benefits your organisation.

Individual development and performance reviews

Sympa HR makes it easier to run standardised, consistent appraisals or motivational discussions by providing templates tailored to your needs. This gives you the tools to compare the skills and performance of an individual to their job description.

Any performance targets that are set up can easily be tracked and followed up on because you see all the key data in a single view. The same data can be used to manage bonus calculations – with direct integration to payroll software.


Company-wide talent analysis

As Sympa HR enables you to track the skills and the strengths of all of your employees, you can easily choose the right people for the right tasks and guarantee that individual performance and goals are aligned with your organisation’s overall vision and goals. The system can also be used to identify gaps in your employees or teams’ talent in order to support recruitment or training decisions. And whenever your people attend training – or receive certificates or permits – the documentation can be stored in their personal data for future planning and analysis. Naturally, special skills and abilities can also be pinpointed.

Sympa HR also allows you to carry out various kinds of personnel surveys and mappings, such as employee satisfaction and atmosphere questionnaires.


Recruiting the right people for the right job

Sympa HR saves time and money and speeds up the recruitment process by automating many of the time-consuming aspects of recruiting. Ready-made templates and forms help you find the right candidate faster by saving time spent on routine tasks. And once you find the perfect candidate, the system makes it easy for HR to ensure that the necessary onboarding and orientation is carried out in the right order as onboarding sessions can be assigned and progress tracked directly in Sympa HR.


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"We can now search through a database of all our employees’ skills, so we can always choose the right people for our upcoming projects."

Simon Prahm

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